This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) is an offer by a foreign legal entity WONDERTOUR LP (hereinafter referred to as the “Contractor”) to an unlimited circle of eligible individuals to conclude an agreement on the provision by the Contractor of services related to the reservation of services provided (provided) by third parties (i) for the carriage by air of passengers, ( ii ) tourist products, ( iii ) hotel services, spa services organizations and other services for temporary accommodation and stay of natural persons and (or) ( iv ) of services related to insurance aniem, under the conditions specified below.

1. Definitions         

“Site” - the Contractor’s website located at:, on which the Customer makes an Order using the System.

“Customer” - a legal person who has accepted the Offer.

“Order” - a duly executed request of the Customer for the provision of the Services selected on the Site using the System.

“Service” - any of the following services provided by the respective Providers:

  •                                 air transportation of passengers (“Air transportation”);
  •                                 tourist product ("Travel Service");
  •                                 a hotel service, a service of a spa organization or other service for the temporary placement and stay of individuals (the "Hotel Service");
  •                                 insurance related service (“Insurance Service”).

"Provider" - a person providing the Service and who, in accordance with applicable law, is entitled to provide the corresponding service.

"System" - a complex of hardware and software of the Contractor located on the Site. The system contains information about the Services, the Providers, the rules for using the Services, as well as the essential conditions for the provision of the Services by the Suppliers. Such information is presented in the System in full accordance with how it is presented in the reservation systems by the Suppliers and their authorized representatives, and may be changed or supplemented at any time.

2. General Provisions         

2.1. By placing an Order, the Customer fully and unconditionally agrees to the terms of the Offer. Acceptance of the conditions (acceptance) set forth in the Offer is the fact of payment by the Customer of the cost of the Order. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Art. 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, acceptance of the Offer confirms the conclusion between the Contractor and the Customer of an agreement on the provision of services related to the reservation of Services (hereinafter - the "Agreement").       

2.2. Under the Agreement, the Contractor provides the Customer with the services of providing the Customer with the information contained in the System and booking the Services in accordance with the parameters specified by the Customer, as well as of making changes to the Order or canceling the Order (if making changes to the Order or canceling the Order is impossible without the participation of the Contractor).       

2.3. Under the Agreement, the laws of the Russian Federation or the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain shall apply to relations between the Contractor and the Customer.       

2.4. Contracts for the provision of Services under Orders (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract” or “Contracts”), information about which is contained on the Site and (or) in the System, are concluded by the Customer directly with the Contractor. Services under the Contracts are provided to the Customer on the terms determined by the Contractor or the Suppliers. The Contractor in some cases does not independently provide the Services and cannot be held responsible for the quality of the Services provided by the Suppliers.       

2.5. Unless otherwise established in accordance with the applicable law or the rules (conditions for the provision of Services) of the Suppliers, the Customer confirms that electronic documents and data received by him from the System and generated by him for the System are considered by the Customer as legally significant written documents, outgoing and signed by the sender in accordance with all the rules of the traditional paperwork in writing.       

3. Ordering Procedure         

3.1. Registration on the site. Personal Area.      

3.1.1. Registration by the Customer of the Order is carried out after registration on the Site. For registration, the Customer indicates the email address to which registration is carried out.   

3.1.2. In the absence of registration of the Customer on the Site, the Contractor shall register the Customer on his own, immediately when the Customer places the Order. Registration is made to the email address specified by the Customer in the appropriate field, which will be used later as a login to the Customer’s personal account on the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Account”). At the same time, the password to the Personal Account is sent to the email address specified by the Customer.   

3.1.3. The login and password to the Personal Account are confidential information and are not subject to disclosure by the Customer and transfer to third parties. The customer is responsible for keeping the login and password for the Personal Account in secret, as well as for all actions in the Personal Account that have been performed with this login and password. The Contractor is not responsible and does not compensate for losses incurred due to unauthorized use by third parties of the Client’s identification data (including through the Personal Account).   

3.1.4. In the event the Customer loses the username and password to the Personal Account, the Contractor restores the username and password at the request of the Customer after the necessary identification of the Customer.   

3.1.5. The exchange of information between the Contractor and the Customer regarding the Order and the fulfillment of its other obligations under the Agreement is carried out through the Personal Account or e-mail, the address of which was specified by the Customer during registration. In this regard, the Customer undertakes to regularly, until the completion of the Services, independently monitor the status of his Order in the Personal Account, check his e-mail for information about possible changes in the state of the Order, and if necessary, contact the Contractor for information by phone indicated on the Site or through the feedback form posted on the Site.   

3.1.6. Responsibility for any consequences arising from the Customer’s lack of information about changes to the Order that occurred due to reasons beyond the Contractor’s control (for example, cancellation or rescheduling of a flight, delay by the Customer’s bank for payment of the Order, change of tariffs, etc.) is borne by the Customer .   

3.2. Ordering      

3.2.1. The customer independently executes the Order, while not allowing “double” bookings (ie identical bookings). The Contractor or the Supplier will have the right to cancel part or all of the “double” reservations of the Customer, and the Contractor does not accept responsibility to the Customer for any consequences of such cancellation for the Customer.   

3.2.2. With all the essential conditions of the Order, including the rules and terms for the provision (provision) of the Service by the Supplier, the rules for changing or refusing the Service, payment and refund of the cost (part of the cost) of the Service, etc., the Customer must familiarize himself with the process of placing the Order. If the Customer does not understand any conditions of the Offer (Agreement), Order (Services) or the Agreement, including the conditions of refusal, return, making any changes to the executed Order, the User must clarify the information he needs from the Contractor before paying for the Order.   

3.2.3. When placing the Order, the Customer must fill in all the fields indicated in the System as mandatory.   

3.2.4. Orders placed by the Customer are final. By paying for the Order, the Customer confirms its full and unconditional agreement with the terms of the Offer (Agreement) and the Agreement, and also confirms the correctness of all the data entered by him into the System when placing the Order (names, dates, details of documents, addresses, etc.).   

3.2.5. After the User completes the payment of the Order, the conclusion of the relevant Agreement with the Supplier is confirmed by sending to the Customer electronic documents in electronic form containing the parameters of the Service to be provided to the Customer by the Supplier. These documents are also posted in your account. Paperwork may take some time.   

Electronic documents confirming the conclusion of the Agreement are:

  •                                 itinerary receipt of an electronic ticket in relation to Air transportation;
  •                                 tourist voucher (voucher / booking confirmation) and (or) an agreement on the sale of a tourist product in relation to the Tourist service;
  •                                 voucher (reservation confirmation) and (or) temporary accommodation agreement (other agreement) in relation to the Hotel service;
  •                                 insurance policy in relation to the Insurance service.

3.2.6. In case of untimely receipt by the Contractor of information about payment of the Order by the Customer, cancellation of the Order by the Supplier (termination of the Agreement by the Supplier) or for other reasons beyond the control of the Contractor, the Order is canceled and, if possible, can be restored at the request of the Customer by processing the Contractor, considering such requests in the order priority.   

3.3. Order Payment      

3.3.1. The cost of the Order is determined when placing the Order and includes the cost of the Service and may also include the Contractor's fee for the provision of services under the Agreement. The cost of the order is set in rubles. Local authorities in certain countries may introduce additional taxes (tourist tax, etc.), which must be paid by the customer upon arrival at the place.   

3.3.2. When paying for the Order with a credit card on the Site, depending on the Supplier, the payer can be the Contractor or the Supplier, based on the rules and requirements established by the Supplier for the relevant Order.   

3.3.3. The cost of the Order is indicated on the Website online and can be changed by the Supplier unilaterally. If there are errors in indicating the value of the Order that arose in the System through no fault of the Contractor, the Contractor shall inform the Customer as soon as possible in the manner provided for in clause 3.1.5 of the Offer. The customer may, at his option, confirm the Order at the new cost or cancel the Order. If it is impossible to contact the Customer within 24 hours by any means specified in clause 3.1.5. The offer, it is believed that the Customer did not agree with the change in the value of the Order, in connection with which the Order is canceled. If the Order canceled in accordance with this clause has been paid, the Contractor shall refund the money paid for the Order to the Customer.   

3.3.4. In some cases, when paying by credit card, the Customer may be offered installment payment (recurring payment). In this case, the Customer pays the first payment once and agrees with the frequency and amounts of subsequent debits that occur without re-entering the bank card details. Limitations when using installment payment:   

- All recurring payments must be made before using the Service.

- If it is impossible to write off the payment amount for the Order, the Contractor has the right to cancel the Order.

- The customer has the right to refuse the Services and thereby prematurely stop making recurring payments in accordance with paragraph 4.

3.3.5. The order not paid by the due date is canceled by the Contractor.   

3.3.6. The Contractor has the right to charge the Customer additional service fees, including non-refundable.   

3.3.7. In order to avoid the unlawful use of bank cards, Orders placed on the Site and paid by credit card can be checked by the Contractor in accordance with generally accepted rules.   

4. Amendment of the Agreement. Cancellation of Services.         

4.1. The Customer has the right to refuse the Service or, if provided for by the terms of the Agreement, to amend the Agreement.      

4.2. Actions to refuse the Service and amend the Agreement are carried out by the Customer in the Personal Account or by notifying the Contractor by phone.       

4.3. Amendments to the Agreement may be subject to additional payments in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the Agreement.      

4.4. In case of cancellation of the Services, the Customer shall be refunded the money paid for the Order minus fees, penalties, fines and penalties and other penalties withheld from the Customer in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the Agreement, which the Customer has read and agreed to by paying for the Order. If the funds for the Service were paid to the Contractor, the refundable amounts in case of the Customer’s refusal of the Services are carried out by the Contractor after receiving the relevant funds from the Supplier.      

5. Obligations of the Customer. Personal Information.         

5.1. In addition to other duties specified elsewhere in the Offer, the Customer undertakes:      

5.1.1. not to use the Site and the System or their contents for commercial purposes;   

5.1.2. Do not place speculative, fake or fraudulent Orders or any Orders for the purpose of generating income;   

5.1.3. not access the Site and the System, view or copy any content or information from the Site and the System using robots, scrapers , spiders and other automatic means or manual processes for any purpose without the written permission of the Contractor;   

5.1.4. not violate the restrictions in any HTTP headers to block robots on the Site or bypass other measures to prevent or limit access to the Site;   

5.1.5. not to take any actions that cause or may cause, in the opinion of the Contractor, an excessively or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the Contractor;   

5.1.6. do not give direct links to any part of the Site for any purpose without the written permission of the Contractor, or create mirrors or otherwise transfer any parts of the Site to other websites without the prior written consent of the Contractor   

5.2. By accepting the Offer, the Customer gives the Contractor consent to the processing of his personal data and personal data of other persons to whom the Services will be provided, namely: last name, first name, middle name, address (place of residence (registration), postal address, place of stay), numbers and other details identity documents and other documents, information on the date and place of birth, physical condition, photographs, family composition, bank details and bank card details and other data and information necessary for the Contractor to provide services according to Sewing. The processing of personal data is carried out in order to exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations of the Contractor under the Agreement and contracts with contractors using and without the use of automation tools and includes the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. The Customer expresses his consent to the transfer, including cross-border transfer of personal data, to the extent necessary by any legal means to the Suppliers and owners of reservation systems in accordance with the purposes of processing personal data and applicable law. Consent to the processing of personal data is valid for 30 years and can be revoked at any time by the Customer on the basis of his written Application. The Customer also confirms to the Contractor that he has the consent of other persons to whom the Services will be provided for the processing by the Contractor of their personal data.      

6. Intellectual property         

6.1. All textual information and graphic images on the Site are the property of the Contractor and / or its contractors.      

6.2. Reprinting, reproduction in any form, distribution, including translation, of any materials from the Site is possible only with written permission and on the terms of the Contractor.      

7. Warranty and liability         

7.1. The Contractor's responsibility in the process of providing services under the Agreement is limited to the function of organizing and implementing interaction (including information and technical) between the Customer and the Supplier with the aim of concluding the Agreement. The Contractor is not responsible for the parts, components, equipment and software of payment systems involved in the overall process of processing Orders and concluding Agreements.      

7.2. If, for any reason, the Suppliers did not provide or provided incomplete or inaccurate information about the Services to the System, then these circumstances cannot serve as a reason and (or) a basis for the Customer to make claims to the Contractor, since the provision, content and completeness of information about the Services depend and are Responsibility of Suppliers. Suppliers are persons not affiliated with the Contractor. Suppliers bear full responsibility in cases of unlawful actions on their part, including for misleading Customers with respect to the Services provided.      

7.3. The Contractor shall not be liable to the Customer in case of complete or partial inoperability of the Site, the System and their components for any time, as well as in the absence of the Customer’s access to the Site and / or the System or any indirect or direct losses incurred in connection with the data circumstances. All offers, prices, as well as the conditions for the provision of the Services are subject to change without notice to the Customer, limited by time, availability, dates, dates, factors of weekends and holidays, seasonal fluctuations in prices, as well as strikes and temporary inoperability of booking systems and / or are subject to other changes, conditions and restrictions.      

7.4. The Contractor is not responsible for the negative consequences and losses of the Customer arising as a result of events and circumstances that are outside the scope of the Contractor’s competence or control, as well as for actions (inaction) of other persons, for example:      

  •                                 in case of impossibility to fulfill the obligations assumed due to the inaccuracy, insufficiency and timeliness of the information and documents provided by the Customer, or if the Customer violates the terms of the Agreement or Agreement or the requirements for documents;
  •                                 for the actions of the Suppliers;
  •                                 for the actions of customs and immigration authorities;
  •                                 for restricting the passenger’s right to leave the Russian Federation or other departure point by the competent authorities of the respective country;
  •                                 for the actions of consulates of foreign states, including for the delay, refusal or change of the terms for issuing entry visas;
  •                                 for the consequences of violation by the Customer of customs and border formalities, rules of travel and baggage, as well as violation of special rules of conduct in the country of temporary residence;
  •                                 for the lack of supporting documents from the Customer, the presence of which is necessary for the provision of the Service in accordance with the terms of the Agreement;
  •                                 for non-compliance by the Customer and other persons with the conditions and rules of the Service established by the Supplier;
  •                                 for the lack of issued foreign passports, relevant documents governing the departure of minors under the age of 18 years;
  •                                 for the authenticity and correctness of the passenger's documents (the accuracy of the information contained in them).

7.5. The customer confirms and guarantees that he, in particular, is acquainted and agrees:      

  •                                 with requirements for the execution and availability of documents required for the provision of the Services by the Provider. The passenger should independently familiarize themselves with and fulfill all the requirements of the country to which they are traveling;
  •                                 with the conditions and rules for the provision of Services by the Supplier;
  •                                 with requirements for foreign passports and other formal documents, including the remaining validity of a foreign passport required to obtain a visa and entry into the host country;
  •                                 about the features and rules of border (customs) control (regime) of the Russian Federation and foreign states;
  •                                 obligation to comply with customs and border rules;
  •                                 that passengers independently bear full responsibility for the validity of foreign passports, consent for the departure of minor children and other documents necessary for crossing the border, for the accuracy of the information contained in these documents;
  •                                 that the deportation of a passenger with invalid entry or exit documents is carried out exclusively at the expense of the passenger. The customer must independently obtain the necessary information about the deportation procedure at the consulate of the respective country.

7.6. The parties are exempted from liability for improper fulfillment or non-fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement in the event of force majeure circumstances, the parties include the following circumstances: fire, epidemic, earthquake, terrorist act, flood, hurricane, storm, tsunami, landslide, other natural disasters and cataclysms, military operations of any nature, strikes, the imposition of a state of emergency or martial law, an embargo, changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation or the country of residence or transit, actions of customs and sanitary control authorities, cancellation of bus, ferry and other transport supplies, taxi routes, traffic on the roads, the issuance of regulatory acts by the authorities, which led to the impossibility of the Parties to properly fulfill their obligations and other circumstances that the parties cannot influence and prevent.      

7.7. The occurrence (and termination) of the circumstances specified in clause 7.6 of the Offer, the party for which it became impossible to fulfill obligations under the Agreement shall immediately notify the other Party. Failure to notify or untimely notification of these circumstances deprives the parties of the right to invoke these circumstances and does not exempt from liability under the Agreement. The deadline for the fulfillment of obligations by the parties under the Agreement is postponed in proportion to the time during which such circumstances will apply. If circumstances continue for more than 14 (fourteen) days, any party will have the right to refuse to fulfill obligations under the Agreement. The presence of these circumstances is confirmed by the relevant decisions of the federal bodies of state power, bodies of state power of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local authorities adopted by them in accordance with the law.      

8. Changes to the Offer         

The Contractor has the right at any time to make changes to the Offer without notifying the Customer about the changes. The customer is obliged from time to time to contact the address, where the text of the Offer is constantly posted, and get acquainted with it.

9. Information about the Contractor         


Official Representation in the Russian Federation:

LLC "Reservation Center on Kola"

OGRN 1157746020475 

Russia, 129329, Moscow, ul. Kola , d . 7 pp . 9

Tel . +7 499 677 2247


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